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Evernote alternatives

All we have different requirements for the note-taking app. I can not share good emotions with people who like the new Evernote Windows Client 10.+

Evernote team released a new client and shut down many features the old Evernote Windows Client had. I want to say that I am fed up with Evernote and their attitude to the customers. Like many other users, I was a beta tester of their new client and reported about many bugs, lacking functionality, UI problems. I spent more than 20 hours only for testing and reporting about the beta release. I think that I am not alone who tried to help Evernote to be better. Was our feedback used by the Evernote team? No.

For twelve years Evernote Team was uncapable of implementing any new fatures asked by their users. Two years ago the new CEO Ian Small promoted a new approach which led us to absolute disaster.


  • Evernote support team incapacity,
  • Poor development,
  • Lack of encryption and privacy protection,
  • Reducing Evernote features to an ordinary note-taking app,

There is a list with Evernote alternatives. It is sorted in a way where the most promising counterparts in the top.

If you already know their possibilities or know good service which is not mentioned here, write it in the comments.

The legend:

  • T.ransition. App has a transition mechanism from Evernote (e.g. *.enex import with metadata).
  • O.S. App works and can sync between all OS (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS).
  • H.ost. The app can be used with self-hosted storage for notes in a case if development been stopped or cardinally changed the view of the product.
  • R.ich. App has a rich editor that means you can add pictures, docs, links, change fonts, lists.
  • F.iltering. App has extensive filtering and searching mechanism (e.g. "-tag:A tag:B any: tag:C tag:D todo:False")
  • S.earch. The app can search all text in notes and attached documents.
  • M.anaging. App has some tools for managing tags if you have many of them (e.g. trees of tags, a separate window for tags).
  • C.lipper. App has a browser clipper and a snapshot tool.
  • V.iew. App has a cards view like Old Evernote has and simple separated window for one note.
  • E.xport. The app can export and import the database in a format comparable with other note-taking apps.
  • B.ig. The app can handle large amounts of notes at once (e.g. moving, changing tags, merging, deleting).
  • P.rivate. App has encryption or some private solutions that prevent developers from reading your content.

So if you see these letters UPPERCASE, it means the app has a feature; otherwise, it doesn't. In the beginning, all letters will be lowercase. If you see all letters lowercase and the app name doesn't have a link, it means I haven't checked this app yet. Please, help me if you can.

  • 11 ToHRFSMCVEBP DEVONthink (see post)
  • 10 TOHRFSmCvEBP Joplin (see post)
  • 10 TOhRFSMCVEBp Evernote Old
  • 10 TohRFSMCVEBP Keep It (see post)
  • 8 TOhRFSmCvEbP Notejoy
  • 8 tOHRFsmCvEBP TagSpaces
  • 7 TOhRFsmCVEbp Notion
  • 7 tOHRFsmcVEbP Turtl
  • 6 TOhRfSmCvEbp Nimbus Note
  • 6 TOhRfSmcvEbP Amplenote (see post)
  • 6 TohRFsmCvEBp Bear
  • 5 TOHRfsmcvEbp Org-Mode
  • 5 TOHRfsmcvebP Standard Notes
  • 5 TOhRfSmCvebp OneNote
  • 5 TOhRfsmCVebp Zoho Notebook
  • 5 ToHRFsmcvebP Trilium (see post)
  • 4 TohRfsmcvEBp UpNote (see post)
  • 4 tOhRFsmcvEbp Workflowy
  • 4 toHRFsmcvEbp TiddlyWiki
  • 4 toHRFsmcvEbp Obsidian
  • 3 TOhrfsmcvEbp Simplenote
  • 3 TohRfsmcvEbp Roam
  • 3 tOhRfSmcvebp DropBox Paper
  • 3 tOhRfsmcvebP Cryptee
  • 3 toHrfsmcVebP SilentNotes (see post)
  • 3 tohRFsmcvEbp CintaNotes
  • 2 tOhRfsmcvebp Clipto
  • 2 tOhRfsmcvebp WizNote
  • 2 tOhRfsmcvebp Boostnote
  • 2 tOhRfsmcvebp Tettra
  • 2 tOhRfsmcvebp ProofHub
  • 2 tOhRfsmcvebp Evernote New
  • 2 tOhrfSmcvebp Google Keep
  • 2 tohRfSmcvebp Remnote
  • 2 tohRfsmcvEbp Typora
  • 1 tOhrfsmcvebp Nebo
  • 1 tohRfsmcvebp ClickUp
  • 1 tohRfsmcvebp Leanote
  • 1 tohrfsmcvebP GoodNotes
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Noteshelf
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Omni-Notes
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Quip
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Box Notes
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Todoist
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Milanote
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Squid Notes
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Zotero
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Day One
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp WhizFolders
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp NoteLedge
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Zim
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp CherryTree
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Paperwork
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Notezilla
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Dynalist
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Polar
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp QOwnNotes
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Zenkit
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp SynapBook
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp WeDo
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Supernotes
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Checkvist
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Nuclino
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Taskade
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Notability
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Slite
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Notable
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp ColorNote
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Cronycle
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Laverna
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Falcon
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Scrivener
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Airstory
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Lumhaa
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Zettlr
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Hugo
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp FSNotes App
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp SilentNotes
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp GigaNotes
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp
  • 0 tohrfsmcvebp Codegiant

If you know any reason to exclude the app from this list (e.g. development had been stopped, lack of basic features, some violations) let me know, it reduces my work.

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3 thoughts on “Evernote alternatives

  1. Many thanks for the list and ranking of the functions
    I still have my hopes for Evernote since I have being using it since 2012
    I like the functionality that Evernote OCRs all pictures and I can search text items in pictures. Even handwriting on pictures from whiteboards. I don’t see this functionality in your ranking?

    1. Yes, I didn’t consider handwriting. The purpose of this list is to sort Evernote alternatives in a most promising way. So someone who has already decided to leave Evernote can do that more comfortably.

      It is impossible to check all functions, so the user should check all alternatives for working with his specific use case.

      It might be handwriting, import folder, offline mode, easy way to create internal links and many more. I couldn’t check them all, so I decided to choose the most popular.

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